Thurs. Road Trip: Tristan’s Tropical Fish / Rotary Botanical Gardens



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Rotary Botanical Gardens is home to many dramatic and internationally themed gardens including the Japanese Garden, the Scottish Garden, The French Formal Garden, and the Italian and English Cottage Gardens, just to name a few!

Tristan’s Tropical Fish LLC was founded by Tristan Watson in May 2018.  Tristan started keeping ornamental fish at age 5, when he helped his Dad maintain a 40 gallon planted aquarium.  From there, Tristan and his Dad became extremely engaged in the aquarium hobby and achieved breeding success with numerous species, including; German blue rams, wild discus and fancy guppies.

In 2015, Tristan spent time as an employee at TedsFishroom, where he discovered a love for dwarf cichlids, especially those from South America and West Africa.  While working at TedsFishroom, he found success spawning many species of dwarf cichlids, the first of which was Apistogramma panduro.  This inspired him to open a business that provided customers with quality captive bred dwarf cichlids, along with many other fish.

Tristan graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in May 2018 with a major in biology, a minor in aquaculture and fish culture and a certificate in aquaponics.